The Establishment of the company

Registered in Baghdad according to the requirements of the Iraqi law with the capital 250,000,000 Iraqi dinars, and its specialized in agricultural investments and animal projects and the trade in all the agricultural tools and equipment, it depends in its operations on distinguished Iraqi staff who are highly educated and have long time experience, that includes its managers and engineers on their different specialties and the support employees in all the fields of its activities, with annual turnover of two million u.s dollar.

Company’s strategy

  • The company establishes new steps for each activity and does not depend on prior ways, but according to the required data

  • Depending on activating the role of public relations with the competent beneficiary parties, that happens within the scope of the company’s works and aspiration and from the concept of continuous communication through the conferences and meetings and following up the future plans for the agricultural and animal field in Iraq regarding all its departments

  • Contributing to concluding the ideas of the beneficiary parties by submitting the studies for strategic projects and submitting the modern solutions to the point of turning them into existing projects

  • Our vision: is to provide professionalism and comprehensive services while maintaining modern And flexible commercial procedure in order to fulfill the needs and goals of our clients

  • Our philosophy: is to provide the services that will guarantee the deliverance of the project in the due time according to the dedicated budget and approved specification

We are always in the quest of modernizing and to know the needed ways to benefit from the necessary techniques to manage time and we always try to be acknowledged with all the inputs and outputs regarding projects management in order to fulfill the demands of the new era

company's Tasks

  1. it becomes a representative or agent for the global manufacturing companies that are aim to work for Iraq.

  2. open bank letter of credits and bank transfers when contracting on behalf of global companies that assigned its works to our company, and doing the letter of guarantees (bid bond) by our company when contracting for any project.

  3. activating the mechanism of representation and official assigning by managing the contracting affaires through enhancing the fruitful relations

  4. Managing the projects and constructions according to the signed contracts with the beneficiary parties (end users).

  5. monitoring the proper finance management according to the required cost and taking in consideration the economic standards to ensure the successful of the contractual and investment projects

  6. To provide and support strategic projects that support agriculture in Iraq and support farmers and work to obtain approvals from official departments and to help to adopt them in the annual government plans for the purpose of implementation on the ground.

Company’s proceeds

  • Company’s headquarters: Baghdad- Al-Karrada

  • Farm land 4 hectares

  • Warehouse with the area of 800 four hundred meters

  • Refrigerated store for feed and seeds 500 square meters

  • Private Farm to accommodate the imported live animals

  • Service vehicles, quantity 4

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