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The company is the exclusive agency of the Dutch dairy company Multi Dairy Livestock BV, the pioneer in the processing of Friesen Holstein cows and the company is ready to prepare cows breeding projects and the best species and breeds of cattle with high production of milk by the depended international standards, with a high economic feasibility for the breeders for the productivity indicators..

The project of the supplying cows for the small farmers

project HBP (heifers breeding project),
is a project presented by our company Mazare Alnhrein Co .and the Dutch companies Multi Dairy Livestock B.V., and Agriprom Stalmatten BV. , to supply the Iraqi Farmers who own a farm or agricultural land a 5 pregnant Holstein Friesian heifers, with barn and breeding accessories.
The livestock and the accessories supplied from the two said Dutch companies, and the managing, commissioning of the project and the construction of the barn to done by our company.
The idea of this project is to create small projects to the Iraqi farmers by granting them financial loans from the agricultural bank of Iraq (the dependent bank for granting loans to the Iraqi farmers) which will support this important sector in Iraq.
Our company presented a live sample for the barn in Baghdad international exhibition and get the highly impressed from the government officials and the visitors..
we succeeded to get the approval and the agreement the execute for this project from the highest decision makers in Iraq, and they are:
1- The bearue of the prime minister.
2-The Higher Committee for Agricultural Initiative (Ministerial Committee consist of the prime minister and a group of Iraqi ministries).
3- The ministry of agriculture / the Headquarter.
4- The veterinary directorate / ministry of agriculture institute.
5- The Department of Animal Wealth / ministry of agriculture institute.

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