supply of agricultural fertilizers

our company Mazare alnhrein successfully supplied Agricultural fertilizers to the ministry of agriculture of Iraq.

we supplied 50000 Ton Of  D.A.P fertilizer in 2019.

and we supplied 30000 Ton of Urea fertilizer In 2020.

these projects were announced in a public tender and It was Under a high competition between the participators companies ,we succeed to obtain these projects and to obtain our best prize is the trust of the end- user ( the ministry of agriculture ) and have the well-executed project document that presented for us from the ministry for the high commitment with the bond supply In spite of the high quantity of the above fertilizers, and the Comfortable dealings with the manufacturer company and good execution that was reflected in the reputation of the manufacturer here in Iraq.

these type of project needs a high budget in our company account to enable us to open the Letter of credit for the manufacturer, and to coordinate with the end- user for all the project steps.

we are proud for our succeed with these projects, its the elite of our business.

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