Supplying,Installing weighing, and packing units for the seed cleaning plants.

Our company has supplied, installed and operated the governmental purification cleaning factories of seeds a weighing, packing units by the cadres of our company. The unit items were imported from outside of Iraq (AlFaraj for Engineering Industries Company / Egypt) which are: weight machine, sewing machine and packing unit, installed and operated by our cadres and operating of these units with automatic operating system through its electronic control panel.

Our company has received thanks and appreciation documents from the end-user for the good execution of these units


Our company supplies production lines for seed purification plants from well known  Danish manufacturers, as well as supplying  of mobile seed purification plants from British and Hungarian origin, And to carry out the installation, operation and maintenance of all departments of the Iraqi government.

Laboratory equipment and seeds technology supplies

Our company authorized from the well-known worldwide companies for the supply of the seeds technology equipment and for the labs and the seed processing units.

FIRST : seed laboratory/ technology equipments :

1.Laboratory seed thresher

2.Seed brushing machine

3.Seed centrifuge


4.Seed dryer

5.Humidity and heat meters


6.Screening machine

7.Seed seperating Machines

Seed winnower

Seed blower

Seed air separator

Seed air screen cleaning machine

8.Gravity insulation machines and cylindrical and strip insulation machines.

Seed gravity table

Seed indent cylinder               seed belt grader

9.Seed calibrating (sizing) machine


Seed density separation unit


10.Laboratory seed cabinets

11.Color sorting / separation machines

SECOND : the seed processing units, as the following:

1.Seed purification units.


3- Seed thermo gradient table / incubators :

2.Seed mill / leaves MILL


4-In addition to the company’s ability to prepare the dust control inside the laboratory during the laboratory purification work to obtain a safe environment for workers, through air filtration, or recycling, or out of the site and within the environmental instruction

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