Our company has a group of strategic partnerships with well-known local companies that have a long history in their fields of work, and through the administrative, technical and logistical blending with them led to the success of those partnerships in the joint projects with them.

It is no secret to everyone that the involving with the major projects and tenders may require the presence of a partner that provides a financing cover or technical or administrative support from the highest positioned to the workers to follow up and succeed in those projects, as long as our company has succeeded in providing these requirements with its successful partnerships, and for the following areas:-

1- supplying and registering agricultural pesticides and participating into partnerships to supply for the governmental and local sectors.

The project was contracted and completed to supply a pesticide to combat the wheat weeds with a quantity of 150,000 liters to the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture for the year 2021.

2- Industrial field:-

Our company has a permanent partnership with an integral manufacturing workshop that has a long history in the manufacturing field. This workshop has an integrated technical cadre for the manufacture of various industrial and production units, this workshop is an important support for our company for the processing of locally produced agricultural machines that are requested from time to time from government End-Users and local and international organizations.

In addition to the ability of its technicians To install production plants and to carry out maintenance of agricultural equipment and factories that are contracted to be supplied and maintained (a warranty) for a period of one year or more after delivery, according to the terms of the end-users, this workshop can do this duty for our company successfully.

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