Our Company Khairat Al-Busatn , is the Involved company for the supply of Vaccines and medicines for Iraq , The ministry of agriculture.

and as a succeed of our other company Mazare Alnhrein for the supply of the Fertilizers ( click here ) for the ministry of agriculture of Iraq , this company is the specialized for the supply of the veterinary sector- that related with the Vaccines and medicines.

In 2020, the ministry of agriculture of Iraq announced a public tender to supply F.M.D vaccine , we participate this tender and under a big competition, we succeed to win this bid, and to successfully execute the supply of 8.000,000 8 million doze for the F.M.D foot-and-mouth disease successfully.

Khayrat Al- Bustan company is always looking for support the veterinary sector of Iraq, the well execution for that project is a starting point for a greater successes and continuous cooperation with major international companies which involving of manufacturing of the vaccines , especially since the above project was implemented in the most difficult circumstances that faced the global commercial movement, THE COVID-19, and despite the conditions of global quarantine, we was able to implement the terms of the contract and gain the satisfaction of our customers by presenting for us the most beautiful award for our company after the Successful completion of the contract, which is a well-executed document submitted by the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture to our company.
Despite these difficulties in the implementation of the contract, but it represented for us a source of sufficient experience to implement any contract in this field in the future and gain more satisfaction of the partners.
The good implementation of the above project was reflected positively on the manufacturer that equipped us with this vaccine … and we continue to work according to this spirit with all our partners

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