Hose reel Irrigation Systems

Our company is proud to be the first local company to adopt the system of hose reels machine irrigation in the government of Iraq for the first time, and represents the best solution to the problems of irrigation to the Irregular geometric shapes lands ,which is characterized by large economic rate of water consumption as compared to other prevailing types in Iraq .. It represents the best solution to the problem Water scarcity.
Our company, through its cadres and with the help of the best European manufacturers, has designed an appropriate model for working in high temperature environment of Iraqi with a flexible irrigation area enabling the owners of small and medium land to irrigate their land regardless of the distance of the source of water from their land, and the shape of the their lands
This model was adopted by the Iraqi government and will represent a rational solution to irrigation problems in the central and southern parts of Iraq.

Center pivot / linear and fixed irrigation systems.

Our company has a formal authorization from the European manufacturers of the processing of center pivots and fixed irrigation systems, with different capacities and types.

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